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words can't bring me down

val m.b.r.
27 August
, acting, adam brody, adriana lima, backstreet boys, barbie, being a bitch, being hot, being stylish, black eyeliner, boutiques, boy bands, boys in eyeliner, briana banks, brunettes, california, captain oats, carmen electra, chillin, chinese food, christina aguilera, clothes, clubbing, concerts, cookie dough ice cream, couture, dancing, dave navarro, degrassi, dior, doing silly dances, eyeliner, fairys, fashion, fcuk, flip flops, flirting, frappucinnos, friends, geri halliwell, ginger spice, girls, glamour, gossip, guitarists, guys, handbags, handcuffs, heels, high fashion, hiphop, holding hands, hollywood, hot chocolate, hugging, hugs, inside jokes, jackie o sunglasses, jenna jameson, jesse mccartney, jmac, johnny depp *swoons*, juicy couture, kabbalah, kissing, kitson, l.a.m.b., laughing, lindsay lohan, lip gloss, livejournal, los angeles, love, mac cosmetics, made-up words, makeup, marilyn monroe, mascara, mean girls, mini skirts, models, money, movies, music, musicals, myself, new york city, nicole richie, nostalgia, o-town, old movies, pamela anderson, paris hilton, parties, partying, perfection, pink, platforms, polka dots, pornstars, pussycat dolls, rachel bilson, radio free roscoe, red bull, road trips, ryan cabrera, saved by the bell, sex, sex and the city, shirley temples, shoes, shop intuition, shopping, singing, singing in the shower, sleeping, smiling, socialites, spice girls, starbucks, summerland, superficial, taking pictures, talking, tan skin, tattoos, the oc, the olsens, the simple life, the spice girls, thin, tiffany & co., tight jeans, tinkerbell, video cameras, video taping people, whipped cream, yelling